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Diet Testimonials

I came to Dr Weber after years of unexplained weight gain, and an inability to lose it regardless of what I had tried. I had visited many professionals, including highly recommended nutritionists, endocrinologist, GI, in addition to many others. I had tried keto and vegan diets, intermittent fasting and medication, but nothing helped. All bloodwork was showing that all seemed to be in order, and the doctors were stumped. All except Dr. Weber. From the first visit, he clearly explained how his approach differed from the typical medicinal approach practiced by most doctors, and why it was more effective. I went on his HWL diet, and the results were astounding. WIthin 3 weeks I had lost 16 pounds, and continued to lose as the diet progressed. The program is simple, easy to follow and Dr Weber was available to answer all my questions. I would highly recommend Dr. Weber, as his incredible wealth of knowledge on the human body is astounding, and his approach is one which will bring about true healing.

Hi Doctor,
I just wanted to let you know, that since i started the HWL diet 20 days ago, I lost 20.5 pounds, one pant size already and I am swimming in my shirts.

As you know I am also diabetic. My sugar levels dropped from 190 in the morning to 88-105 since i started the diet and lost the weight. Very exciting indeed, I am not hungry 99% of the time and feel strong and healthy.

Thank So much for recommending the HWL diet for me.

David Stern

Dear Dr. Weber,

You have helped and healed me so many times and in so many ways the last twenty-two years that I have been your patient. But I am writing my first testimonial because I am so happy with the results of the HWL Diet. I have tried everything for more than fifteen years and have been constantly frustrated with the results. In my first three weeks, I have lost sixteen pounds and more importantly lowered the average daily level of my blood sugar more than one hundred points! Not only was I never hungry, I have more energy and I am sleeping better.
I maintained the weight loss program for thirty days and I am now on Phase two. I have lost six pounds the first week and lowered my blood sugar level again. I knew you were the best diagnostician I have ever met but now I suspect you may be a magician as well!
Thank you for restoring my belief in my future.

Beverly Timmons


Dear Dr Weber,

I am on the HWL diet for the past 10 days and I have lost 11.5 pounds so far. I feel great, strong and healthy. My goal is to lose an additional 20 pounds . I am very pleased that I met you and your staff. Thank you so much for this success.



Dear Dr. Weber,

Once again you have the answers....We discussed my weight gain (even though I would not eat or skip meals) and you said I was ready to restart my metabolism with this diet.  I was lucky to start with a dear friend, this helped so much and we both went down a size.  The weight lost didn't show on the scale right away but my clothes were getting to large and that is a wonderful feeling. I lost 14 pounds and a full dress size. I felt great on the diet and had so much energy, I ate right and that was the key.

Thank you,
Camille Abenanty


I went to Dr. Weber after many years of trying different diets. He explained the hwl diet to me and 3 weeks after I started it I lost 35 pounds. I am about to start my second round and hope to lose an additional 25 to 30 pounds. This will turbo boost my willpower to change my eating habits and maintain a healthier lifestyle of smart eating and exercise.

Thank you Dr. Weber !!!
Dovid R. Brooklyn, NY