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I came to Dr Weber after years of unexplained weight gain, and an inability to lose it regardless of what I had tried. I had visited many professionals, including highly recommended nutritionists, endocrinologist, GI, in addition to many others. I had tried keto and vegan diets, intermittent fasting and medication, but nothing helped. All bloodwork was showing that all seemed to be in order, and the doctors were stumped. All except Dr. Weber. From the first visit, he clearly explained how his approach differed from the typical medicinal approach practiced by most doctors, and why it was more effective. I went on his HWL diet, and the results were astounding. WIthin 3 weeks I had lost 16 pounds, and continued to lose as the diet progressed. The program is simple, easy to follow and Dr Weber was available to answer all my questions. I would highly recommend Dr. Weber, as his incredible wealth of knowledge on the human body is astounding, and his approach is one which will bring about true healing.

There are allopathic doctors, there are amazing healers, there are great chiropractors, incredible naturopaths, some can help you with parts of your health problems, but then there are special people that are the conductors of the entire symphony. . . . I ended up in Dr. Weber’s office through G-d's Providence and could immediately perceive he was blessed with specials talents and gifts for helping people. I have a neurological condition that effects my walking, my sleep, is fatiguing and encompasses my daily living. Within a little over a month, I have had some pretty remarkable improvements with regards to being able to walk two blocks without my canes and far less fatigue than normally, as well as regaining some stability and feeling in my leg.

It is almost mind blowing how many methods and techniques Dr. Weber has, to put all the pieces together, and is an expert relating to the importance of nutrition in healing the body. But of supreme importance, many if not most professionals totally neglect the most critical part of medicine, which is caring for the whole human being! Dr. Weber’s caring and easy way of being, and his willingness--nay, insistence--to listen to his patients is the indispensable element that makes him an incredible doctor!

So don’t give up. If at 60, I can begin to turn around, then it is possible you have a chance too. So if you're seeking a gem in Brooklyn to help you, well, maybe you have just found him.
Audrey Rosner

Dr. Weber, Since humans are always criticizing each other, my policy is to tell anyone who gets a compliment what was said:Just wanted to let you know when I asked Audrey how it went, her response was OMG i.e. OH MY G-D!!! Also on the way to the car she said " you are UNBELIEVABLE" and are from "Heaven", that G-D must communicate with you.
Steve Rosner

Ever since I started getting my period 13 years ago, it has been accompanied with pain and cramps. Over the last few years, the pain has become more severe, and it has been worsening to the point that the pain radiated to my hip and down my leg, causing me to have difficulty walking. Throughout the first 3-4 days of my periods I required HIGH doses of motrin just to be able to manage the pain and walk comfortably. I’ve tried medication from the OB/GYN, but it gave me side effects.

A few weeks ago, I started seeing Dr. Jeffrey Weber. After just one visit, my pain significantly decreased and I only needed motrin for the first 2 days. I continued going, and after just a few weeks I went down to taking 4 motrins throughout the first day only, with much less pain, and I can walk completely comfortably throughout the whole thing! I’m thrilled that I don’t have to rely on medication or high doses of motrin anymore! Thank you Hashem for sending me such a wonderful Shaliach, Dr. Weber! Thank you so much Dr. Weber for doing such great work! Hashem should repay you many times over with all the blessings in the world! Amen!

I cannot believe that I am actually sitting by my computer and I am able to type this message with half of the pain I have been experiencing for the last year and a half, after being seen and treated by Dr, Weber ONE time!!!!

I have been to Dr.s and surgeons and even a cranial therapist over this time.

I have gone through all kind of treatments from cortisone shots to laser therapy, and I was even scheduled for surgery,which I fortunately cancelled the night before because I was NOT convinced!There wasn't any diagnosis that even began to recognize or even touch upon the root cause of my problem and pain!

Within 10-15 minutes of meeting Dr. Weber he had already asked and addressed,what seemed to him, most obvious, as the ROOT Cause of my pain, and began treating me on the spot, while clearly explaining why and what he was doing and targeting.

I did NOT wait long to receive an appointment which was a great relief to me as I was living with a lot of pain and I also could not take off from work.

The service was courteous and the waiting time there was minimal.

I was given undivided attention,and another appointment ,without waiting, at all.

I feel very hopeful that I will be able to finally be helped from this chronic pain in a most professional and competent way!!

T. Fishman

Studies Show Little Benefit in Supplements, NY Times story

RESPONSE: Oh, how I beg to differ! I was never a believer until I met Dr. Jeffrey Weber in Brooklyn, N.Y. about 7 months ago. Tired of being on numerous medications for many years I took a leap of faith and listened, really listened, to what Dr. Weber suggested. Since following his regimen, which included various supplements and dietary changes, my "bad" cholesterol has come down to an all time low. I no longer take Lipitor, which my PCP told me I would need for the rest of my life. I no longer take thyroid medication for an under active thyroid. The icing on the cake, pardon the pun, is that I am off antidepressants - something I would have never ever believed possible. I realize that the issues I struggle with, particularly the depression, will always require monitoring, but with the tools I have been given I am so much better equipped to deal with them - sans medication. I am a different person. A weight, both physically and mentally, has been lifted.

Hello Dr. Weber. This is Tatyana. Please see my testimonial below. Thank you.I originally went to see Dr. Weber on a referral from my usual physician. I had gone to her office that day because of digestive issues that were progressively getting worse. To be frank, it was a problem I had for as long as I could remember, but now it was something I could not ignore. I decided to go to Dr. Weber in the hopes that he could truly help. Upon arrival to his office, there was a short questionnaire that I needed to fill out. Among digestive issues, there were several other things, such as migraines, shortness of breath, and back issues, which I could admit to suffering from. Also, I would constantly feel tired throughout the day. After the initial examination, Dr. Weber began realigning my spine. Consequentially, that also helped with the other things I was dealing with. The doctor enlightened me about the interconnectedness of all body functions and how it was possible to improve my overall condition. I trusted Dr. Weber and began going to him routinely. Each visit gradually improved my condition. I stopped having back troubles, constant migraines, and shortness of breath. I had grown up accepting this for all my life up until recently. Never did I think that it could be treated, but Dr. Weber certainly proved otherwise. I no longer feel tired. Additionally, my digestive system overall has also improved significantly. His work has granted me a better and pain-free life that I can now enjoy. At my appointments, I jokingly tell him that it is as if I have a whole new body. In some ways, however, that is true.

Close to a year ago, I was suffering with severe back pain. Not knowing just where to start, a very good friend suggested I see his chiropractor. From the first visit, I knew I was in good hands. Dr. Weber took time to speak with me. He inquired about my general health and nutrition and made a few suggestions. With gentle therapy and adjustment, my back is back to normal. I found Dr. Weber to be an intelligent, kind, patient, honest and excellent chiropractor who I would highly recommend!
Yours Truly,
Mrs. Kathryn Kelly

I had developed a foot drop due to an unresponsive nerve. It became so bad that I tripped on my foot every other step and couldn't drive anymore. Because of it, it was difficult to drive with my left foot, and my right wasn't functioning enough.

At my first doctor visit i was recommended to see a foot specialist, and he sent me for further evaluations with a neurologist, who said maybe I had a mini stroke, and had to do a brain MRI, but the results were good. From there I went for another few MRI tests, but everything came back ok.Then I visited other specialist for a 2nd opinion, but got no answer.
You cannot even imagine the pain of no specialist being able to diagnose my condition. Meanwhile I became used to it and felt like I had no choice, it is what it is. But then after months of seeking the right answer, and constantly thinking will i actually ever function normally again, Hashem did send me the perfect שליח, and after several visits to Doctor Jeffry Weber my issue is gone, as if nothing ever happened. I now function the same as i use too.
I cannot thank Hashem enough for sending me to Dr. Jeffrey!
M. Goldberg

Fate, and a very kind ex-husband, led me to Dr. Weber.

I am a 55 year old woman who was diagnosed with depression at the age of 19. It started out innocently enough. I suffered from anorexia which escalated over the years to bulimia, and then to binge eating disorder. A well meaning psychiatrist prescribed an antidepressant in the hopes that my eating disorder was due to a chemical imbalance and depression which could be treated with medication.

As time progressed he and I realized that I was not getting any better. In fact, my condition worsened. I felt like a failure. The doctor recommended that I meet with a psychologist, a specialist in the treatment of eating disorders. What followed were numerous doctors, psychologists, well intentioned family members, friends, all who wanted me to get “better.” I began to believe that I was damaged and sick and as a result I bought into what I was being told - that medication was the only answer and that without it I stood no chance of getting better.

As the list of tried and NOT true medications increased, so did my lack of self esteem and my sense of hopelessness. The 1 thing that did not come about was relief.

Fast forward to years later when an elevated cholesterol and an under-active thyroid were added to my list of diagnosis’. Once again, medications were prescribed. In addition to the depression and the eating issues, I also experienced insomnia. (I still do but Dr. Weber and I are addressing this).

At this point I was tired, physically and mentally, and I did not think that I was in a position to ask questions. Instead, I took the medications prescribed. Deep inside I hated, literally hated, the fact that I was taking so many medications but I was convinced that I had no options.

Dr. Jeffrey Weber was somebody who my ex-husband had mentioned to me a few times. Initially I did not schedule an appointment with Dr. Weber despite the fact that my ex-husband described the tremendous success that he was experiencing with Dr. Weber.

Two things held me back from contacting Dr. Weber. One was my poor self esteem, which grew as the years of treatment went by without relief. I was convinced that I simply was not a person that could possibly ever be well.

Another issue for me was my fear of disappointment. After seeing many doctors over the years and not experiencing much relief, I was convinced that I was doomed to a life of depression and poor health. Years went by and I continued with the medications. Ironically, while I continued taking the numerous prescribed medications I did not experience any significant relief or anything resembling well-being!

I walked into Dr. Weber’s office less than 6 months ago. I immediately felt hopeful. Dr. Weber heard my words, listened to my tears, and told me that he would help me. I walked out of that first visit feeling hopeful. For the first time in my life, I felt that I deserved good health, physically and emotionally.

I must admit that at first I took a leap of faith. I cut down on my medications, crossed my fingers, and prayed. I was particularly fearful that without my (totally useless) anti-depressant I would sink into a deep depression. But my gut told me that I was in a good place and I chose to listen to the voice inside which told me that I was in the right place.

Dr. Weber constantly reiterates why I am being treated as I am. With every adjustment and every recommended supplement Dr. Weber takes the time to explain the rationale. Quite honestly, at this point I would listen without explanation. My health speaks for itself.

Today, my cholesterol is where it should be. My thyroid numbers are much better. I am working on better nutrition. My depression... well, this is the greatest gift yet! The quality of my life is one which I never dreamed possible. I am well. I feel well. I feel safe with Dr. Weber. Change is possible.

Heart To Heart By G. Rossman

Ten years ago I was diagnosed with angina...classical signs....shortness of breath, Ischemia, sweating, tightness in the chest, chest pain left side....

Six cardiologists, five emergency room visits and two angiograms later it was confirmed.Kinked artery in the heart muscle...was it stable or unstable angina? No MD knew.

My Arteries were clear...one MD suggested stress and maybe this 64 year old patient had mental problems. Heck I could not walk steps I had to rest a lot. I was also terribly tired.I am not vain...so I'll share. I was by now 65 and was urinating every two hours. Hello Prostate problems and Medicare.

My wife suggested a Chiropractor...yeah right...I had some prejudices myself against it...so I tried. Two chiropractors later symptoms came and went...some relief but it did not last and my former Dr. did suggest Dr. Jeffrey Weber. They went to school together but he branched out into other techniques and specialty.

My wife was at her wits end with my Angina symptoms...I was so ready to check myself into a heart unit and call her from the emergency room....She called Dr. Weber that day.

During my first appointment he checked me and found a rib out of place. Dr. Weber sent me for a special blood test and found that my chemistry was all off. Very low Vitamin C, D, high Cholesterol and an Enlarged Prostate. I was also a borderline diabetic.

I was put on a diet,.I was 10 pounds overweight. He told me to stay away from all white grains because it produces sugar. He adjusted my diet. (I am gluten intolerant,) So I used rice cakes. Too many carbs with the gluten free items I was using and certainly too sweet for a pre-diabetic.

I was told no gluten free cookies or cakes. I began to panic.."What the heck do I eat now?"Did I mention I am Lactose intolerant to boot?

Dr Weber told me to juice vegetables and fruits. So I bit the bullet and rack my brains to adjust to this new diet. I bought that little "Bullet" juicer machine… Quick and easy. It takes away the craving ;for sweets!

So I began my treatments and received vitamins for my symptoms. After the first week I could climb stairs more easily and the other problems were showed a marked improvement. The chest pain began to disappear and I am now three hours between restroom visits.

It has been three weeks and before my appointment today I even dashed across the street because the light was changing and I was caught in the middle.

Now I called this Testimonial Heart To Heart to make a point. It’s not Angina! Dr Weber cares about his patients. The staff is very friendly. He has a wonderful demeanor and has great compassion, knowledge and a terrific bedside manner. Its worth the trip twice a week to his office from Staten Island. He also has a big heart.

So kudos to Dr Weber..If you can't walk or bend down...go to him and he will help you.He will use his expertise so you can mend and pretty quickly too. Of course each case is different.

All in all ...I feel great!

On May 12, I went to Ocean Chiropractic for treatment of a lower back pain. During my consultation, Dr. Weber expressed considerable concern for my overall medical condition, specifically my asthma, the substantial amount of medication I was taking for it, and the frequency of antibiotics prescribed for me. At the time, under the care of an internist and a pulmonary “specialist” , my medication consisted of: Flovent 220, 2 puffs twice a day, Atrovent 4 puffs four times a day, Serevent, 1 puff once a day, Intal, 2 puffs twice a day, Proventil inhaler as needed, a nebulizer treatment when necessary, Singular for allergies, and Paxil for depression. In addition to all of this, I had been on antibiotics for treatment of bronchitis or bronchial infection 3 times between February 15th and May 7th. Even with all of this medication, my peak flow was still registering well below 300; the goal set by my physician. In spite of following my treatment plan painstakingly, I still felt unwell and suffered from chest pains and shortness of breath during the slightest bit of exertion and often woke up several times during the night, gasping for breath. I was constantly fatigued and my activities were severely limited. My legs, face, and hands were puffy from water retention. I was irritable and short-tempered from the excessive amount of medication I was taking.

When Dr. Weber told me that he treated asthmatics with considerable success, I was eager to see if  he could help me. We began treatment three times a week and I began to feel better immediately. I followed Dr. Weber’s nutritional advice and dietary recommendations and the puffiness began to subside, I lost weight, had notable increase in energy, and my depression diminished. I noticed that I was breathing easier, which I was able to verify with my peak flow meter that was now reading 400 and above (numbers that my MD considered way out of my range). In addition, my cholesterol dropped from 323 to 204 and my triglycerides went from 111 to 49. With my MD’s (hesitant) approval I began to cut down on my medication. I can’t say enough in praise of Dr. Weber’s treatment, therapy, and nutritional counseling. The combination has drastically improved my physical as well as my mental being. In less than three months I have been able to reduce my medication to Flovent 110, 1 puff, twice a day and Atrovent to 2 puffs, twice a day. Everything else has been eliminated! I am no longer hesitant about leaving the house for fear of an asthma attack. I began riding a bike and exercising again after years of being short of breath from just getting dressed in the morning. I sleep through the night without waking up grabbing for an inhaler to help myself breathe. I don’t remember the last time I needed my “emergency” inhaler or used the nebulizer. I feel better and have more energy than I have had in years. I am no longer depressed and my husband says that even my disposition has improved. The constant heartburn that I suffered from, due to postnasal drip, has completely disappeared and I have not reached for a Zantac of Tums in months. I feel as if my life has been given back to me. I am participating in activities that I thought I would never be able to enjoy again. I expect to be completely off medication within the next two to four weeks, with my MD’s consent. I now feel secure enough to leave the house without my “rescue” inhaler. My peak flow meter steadily reads in the range between 425and 475 and I honestly can’t remember the last time I felt this good.

I can’t possibly thank Doctor Weber and his staff at Ocean Chiropractic enough for all that they have done.

Ellen Urban

To Dr. Jeffrey Weber,

When I first made my appointment with the doctor, I could not feel my fingers on my left hand, was in constant pain from my shoulder to my wrist, could not move well and slept no more than 3-4 hours a night.
Since being treated by Dr. Weber, I have feelings in my last 3 fingers most of the time, can get up and move around easier, there is no more constant pain in my left arm and I can sleep through the night.
I have had 4 treatments and have had more success than all the doctors and physical therapy I have had since the early 1990's.
I really appreciate what the doctor has done for me.

Marriellen Gittens

Approximately 2 months ago, I came to your office seeking help for myself. I was in very poor health; suffering from chronic indigestion, frequent headaches, overwhelming tiredness and hormonal difficulties. I needed a lot of guidance and encouragement. Dr. Weber, you are a wonderful messenger from G-d. Your ongoing support and advice are invaluable. Your adjustments are the best I've ever experienced. Keep up the great work!!!!

Rachel K.

I just wanted to let you know, that since i started the HWL diet 20
days ago, I lost 20.5 pounds, one pant size already and I am swimming
in my shirts.

As you know I am also diabetic.
My sugar levels dropped from 190 in the morning to 88-105 since i
started the diet and lost the weight.
Very exciting indeed, I am not hungry 99% of the time and feel strong
and healthy.

Thank So much for recommending the HWL diet for me.

Name: David Stern

My husband and I have been seeing Dr. Weber for a few years upon the recommendation of my doctor. She felt he had a lot to offer and we agree. What has impressed me most and what I value most is Dr. Weber's diagnostic ability.  When I developed a severe cough he told me it did not travel to my lungs and an xray by a pulmonary specialist confirmed this.  Recently, when I fell and hurt my ankle Dr. Weber knew just what had to be adjusted and I felt better immediately.  He also told me what exercise I needed to practice and gave me a tool to help me strengthen the area.

When my husband became ill and an internist was not able to diagnose his condition with surety, Dr. Weber was.  My husband told me the next time my daughter visits us with her family, he'd like her to take my little grandchildren to see Dr. Weber.  I rely on Dr. Weber's knowledge of the body and his nutritional advice.

Irma Alexander

Dear Doctor Weber,

As an octogenarian, I have had the good fortune to assemble a cadre of outstanding doctors, who are providing me with the opportunity to fulfill my mantra that, “Some of the best times of my life are still ahead of me”- with the will of God and my doctors best efforts. Toward that end, you doctors have become very dear personal friends as you continue to monitor and maintain me in as optimally a health condition you can, in keeping with my age level.

In your case, I came to your services as a result of having outlasted half dozen Chiropractic practices that I frequented over the past 23 years, as a result of a work related issue. Although I have been seeing you regularly for only six years, my experience with other DCs, although satisfactory, never measured up to what you are doing for both my physical and mental well being. Your office was within walking distance of my residence when I started seeing you. Since I’ve relocated, it now takes me two buses to get to your office and there are plenty other DCs en route. I would not subject myself to this extra effort in all kinds of weather unless I was absolutely convinced of your outstanding professional service.

Many thanks for being such a significant part of my life.

Sincerely yours,  Philip DF

I have been a Dr. Weber’s patient for over fifteen years. When I first came to Ocean Chiropractic I injured my back at work. I really didn't know where to turn, although I knew I did not want to take a ton of pain pills and other meds. I thought it would mask or hide the problem.

I liked the idea of holistic healing. Dr Weber fit the bill. I have a general practitioner that I also see and, at that time she did not approve of me seeing a chiropractor. Now she has softened her view of chiropractors, and she encourages me to continue my treatments with Dr. Weber.

When I received my first adjustment years ago from Dr. Weber, I did not reveal I had a stiff neck for weeks. Dr. Weber took care of that and even gave me suggestions on nutrition (I am overweight). For years I wondered how he knew of my stiff neck. Dr. Weber’s experience, expertise and skill is just extraordinary. You may use any and all of this as you see fit.

Thanks for everything.

Leroy L.H., Brooklyn NY

At three months of age, my baby daughter was diagnosed with reflux and placed on Zantac twice daily. This seemed to help her somewhat , however I was unsure if I wanted to be giving my infant child this medication.

A good friend encouraged us to seek out Dr. Weber’s practice. After only several weeks of treatment (Chiropractic and Kinesiology) , Dr. Weber felt that our baby was no longer in need of the medication. We chose to slowly reduce the dosage over a period of 4 weeks and than stopped giving it to her. Our daughter was fine.

According to our pediatrician, most children who are placed on Zantac or other acid reducing medications do not stop using them until they are completely on solid foods. Our daughter was completely off the medication around the time we started introducing pureed foods- considerably before she was eating 3 meals of solid food a day.

I would most certainly refer any mother to Dr. Weber to treat their infant child

Naomi S

At eighty-three years old I visit Dr. Weber regularly.  I will not take the medications most of my doctors recommend, I believe in the old ways that what you put into your body is important.  I have aches and pains but I am active and I also need to have my adjustment and my nutrition levels checked.  Most of my friends are on five to nine prescription pills a day, I only take my supplements and feel well.  My friend’s think I’m crazy but they are the ones taking all the drugs that cause so many side effects.  I learned a lot from this young man who treats me with respect and shows an interest in my well being.  He also takes care of my daughter, and my grandchildren.

Sana R

Seven years ago a dear friend suggested I take my youngest son to Dr. Weber.  He was only five years old and was diagnosed with mono but his health was not improving with the pediatricians care.  It was a very traumatic experience for such a little boy. Dr. Weber explained what I needed to do to improve my son’s health.  He took the time to teach me why nutrition was necessary.  This started a wonderful relationship and trust that is a true blessing.  Through Dr. Weber I understood how I can improve not only my younger son’s heath but the health of my whole family.  He has treated and cured myself of many illnesses such as, stress, irritable bowel syndrome, gallbladder attacks, head and neck injuries due to a car accident, and more.  I believe in his methods and his knowledge is outstanding.  I thank God everyday that I have someone as special as Dr. Weber who now cares for three generations of my family.

Camille A

I have been going to Dr Weber for several years and I recommend everyone to go see him. I remember the first time, I was in so much pain. I couldn't imagine a doctor touching my back. Dr Weber assured my if I went to see him I would feel at least 90% better after the first treatment. I walked out of his office feeling 100% better and have been going to see Dr. Weber ever since. Dr.Weber has helped me in so many ways. His expertise in nutrition has helped me overcome many different ailments from indigestion to losing weight. I owe my whole well being to Dr. Weber. Thank you Dr. Weber!!!

Maureen P.

I wanted to express my appreciation and thanks to Dr. Weber.

I have been coming to Dr. Weber since the summer of 2006. He has changed my life. This doctor was not a first choice. I went to MANY specialists for the past ten years prior to meeting Dr. Weber and none of their suggestions were permanent or much of any help. I am now able to function better then before. He has helped me with my headaches, period pain, weight loss, TMJ, stomach pains, constipation, and back pain. These pains were constant and unresolved and I did not see an end to them, UNTIL I met Dr. Weber. I had headaches that lasted close to two weeks and now I have them once in a blue moon and they last less than twenty four hours. I am able to forget pains and enjoy my life.

I am thankful that I was guided to Dr. Weber I feel much better than before. I passed on my feelings about his practice to my family and they feel mutual about Dr. Weber. He has helped my family with their pains and aches as well. Besides for his vast knowledge he is kind caring, patient, and takes his time to explain what is wrong. He is an amazing doctor and I am very thankful.

Yehudis F

I am very happy to have found Dr. Weber. He is very knowledgeable about nutrition and Chiropractic medicine. He uses a proactive approach to personal health. I'm impressed that he harness the power of non-invasive medical techniques and therapies in order to treat & prevent health problems. I was impressed with the initial head to toe health & nutritional assessment. He is attentive to all my concerns. Dr. Weber gave me an excellent nutritional plan. I look and feel great! Thank you Dr. Weber for improving my quality of life and it is a pleasure to come to your office to be greeted by your gracious and compassionate staff and their lovely smiles.


I have been a patient of the Ocean Chiropractic & Nutrition Center for 25 YEARS now and DR WEBER has helped me through many health problems too many to even list. His Chiropractic and Nutrition programs have been a big part in keeping me healthy through these years. DR WEBER doesn’t just talk to you but he does what very few doctors do today, and that is he truly cares about his patients. He also has a wonderful staff on duty with him that are there to help in every way. THANK YOU FOR ALL YOUR HELP THROUGH THE YEARS AND MAKING THEM HEALTHY ONES FOR ME.


D oes his work very well.
R ight on target.

W onderful.
E xplains your situation.
B est in what he does.
E ndless amount of knowledge
R eally helps a lot of people.

After all that is said, I will tell you personally how Dr. Weber helped me. I had a large cyst on my head for six years which had to be removed surgically. Fortunately, the date of my procedure was postponed. In the interim, I had just started going for my adjustments by Dr. Weber. I realized the cyst on my head was getting smaller, until it completely disappeared. Surgery never took place.

Dr. Weber gets to the source of the problem.

So why don't you try a Dr. Weber experience and see for yourself. You won't be sorry.

Signed by a grateful patient,  PK

Over the years Dr. Weber has helped me with many health issues, treating bones, cartilage, tendons, muscles, coughs, colds, allergies and hormone imbalances.

With his vast knowledge, experience and diverse techniques he swiftly recognizes the causes of problems and presents a choice of means that will effectively support the healing process without putting obligations or pressure. This includes all kinds of treatments, supplements and also referrals to appropriate specialists.

As an active sportsman he understands and appreciates the importance of a well balanced, well functioning, well coordinated body, which is essential especially to musicians, performers and athletes.

His dynamic, comforting attitude is also very nice for children small to teens.
My daughter tells me at once when she needs to see him, and his friendly staff always finds a time to fit us in.

With thanks and best wishes from

To Dr. Jeffrey Weber,
When I made my first appointment with the doctor I could not feel my 
fingers on my left hand, was in constant pain from my shoulder to my wrist, 
could not move well and slept no more than 3-4 hours a night.
Since being treated by Dr. Weber, I have feeling in my last 3 fingers most 
of the time, can get up and move easier, there is no more constant pain in 
my left arm and I can sleep through the night.
I had 4 treatments and have had more success than all the doctors and 
physical therapy that I have had since the early 1990's.
I really appreciate what the doctor is doing for me. THANK YOU Dr. Weber.
Marriellen Gittens